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About Mark

Mark has spent 25 years building his professional place in the Canadian aviation industry. During his career he piloted aircraft in the far Canadian north as a bush pilot for private air charter companies and has flown for Provincial governments in general transport and fire suppression roles. Mark also held full-time private and government aviation management roles. Over the past 15 years Mark has been employed with the federal government in law enforcement, piloting a variety of aircraft. His last 13 years have been spent in full-time management roles while continuing his piloting duties. 

Over the past several years Mark created a very robust Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Program within the Federal Government. (other names UAV, UAS, drone etc.) During the Program Development phase of this project Mark was very intentional in building a complete program able to extend aviation support, typically provided by an aviation provider, to an end user who may have no interest or experience in aviation. Mark has worked closely with Transport Canada and Nav Canada in building different and unique RPAS programs for a variety of corporations.

Mark has proven that RPAS can be a very successful tool when used in a well-structured, compliant, professionally developed and managed program. Without these components in place, and a tangible investment in aviation safety, there are many examples of program failure. 

When Mark enters an RPAS Program Development pursuit the client will enjoy the benefits of adding a professionally developed, compliant and safe aviation component to their business. Mark will make use of his extensive experience in both the manned and unmanned aviation industry to accomplish this goal.

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